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The projected images and lecture programs in Nature's Essays, are a series of presentations utilizing my photographic vision and skill to capture images in the natural world. I share my methods and experiences with with my audience and, in an informal setting, welcome questions and interactive dialog.

Projected Images: Digital -Full shows 50 min. +

  • Eastern Europe: Historic and New
  • From Tucson to Yellowstone /Wolves of the
    Lacota Preserve

  • Telling Their Story
  • In and Around My Garden
  • Butterflies, Birds, Bugs and Babies

    Projected Images: Digital -Short shows 20 min. +
  • People and crowds
  • Faces
  • Gardens
  • Sensual Flowers and stuff
  • Zombies

Projected Images: Transparencies

  • Challenges of Wildlife Photography, from Feeders to Beyond Nature
  • Challenges of Wildlife Photography: Loxahatchee, Wakodohatchee...Thanx-a-lotchee
  • Challenges of Nature Photography: Flowers You Mow Down, Butterflies and Other Wild Things
  • Challenges of Nature Photography: My Own Backyard and a Little Beyond
  • Challenges of Nature Photography: Eleven Days in the Sonoran Desert
  • Challenges of Nature Photography: American Desert Safari
  • Phainopepola, Pyrruloxia, Chachalaca...Winter Birding in the Southwest and East
  • Challenges of Environmental Photography: Hometown Treasures
  • Challenges of Environmental Photography: Sandy Hook Safari­
    Butterflies, Buds, Birds and Buildings
  • Challenges of Event Photograpy and the Grab Shot
  • Challenges of Travel Photography: Exotic Places, Fascinating Faces
  • Challenges of Travel Photography: East of the Sun and West of New Jersey

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